Hello and welcome. You are probably wondering who I am, and why I am teaching. Well, here is my story.

My name is Nicholas Biller, and most would consider me an ‘IT guy’. Born and raised in California, I left home at 17 to join the United States Air Force.  I completed a grueling 640hr Electronic Communication Systems trade school. I served 9 years with the rest of our nation’s finest, as a Computer-Communications Systems Controller (aka. Tech Control). In 2007 Uncle Sam decided the career field was over populated and that I could be better utilized retraining and following a different path–I disagreed. I punched out.  I loved what I did, why would I want to do anything else?

Before I was even completely separated from the Air Force, I was hired by UAV Comm (now BOSHGS) to be the Network Engineer, at the CAOC-N facility out of Nellis AFB, NV. After 2 years, I decided it was time to travel the world a bit–you can do that when you’re in IT, it’s a global industry. I secured a DoD position in Germany as the lead network engineer, responsible for architecture and design of the Air Force Europe’s Top Secret Classified network.

Fast Forward to October 2012.


After 3.5 years of living and working in Europe, I decided it was time to come back to my home–the bay area.   To give John Lennon’s quote a modern IT spin, “If I’d lived in Roman times, I’d have lived in Rome..where else?  Today, America is the Roman Empire and Silicon Valley is Rome itself.”  I was employed as a Sr Network Design Engineer, working out of  Cisco Systems, Santa Clara/San Jose; where I was part of the team responsible for the test, development and deployment of the latest and greatest technology. The bleeding edge.

Dec 2013

I decided to move on from Cisco and joined Salesforce‘s Global Expansion team and was responsible for new site, building and floor integrations into the SFDC enterprise network.  In 16 months we grew the IT infra by 40%, expanded to several new countries and added thousands of employees.  I got to design and build in Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Spain and various locations around the US…. perfect to satisfy my travel bug!

Apr 2015

I moved on from Salesforce and picked up a gig working for the  FusionStorm as a Solutions Architect.  This was my first experience working as part of a client facing account team and it was great getting my hands in lots of different networks rather than tinkering in a single enterprise.

Oct 2015

This was a little “small fish” for my taste, so I joined World Wide Technology (WWT), Cisco’s largest partner within the US.  For the past couple years I’ve been leading teams, designing and deploying multi-million dollar enterprise network and data center infrastructures for various clients all over the world.    The experience I am gaining here is irreplaceable.

So. Why teach?

Simply put–I love what I do. As dorky as it sounds, I am passionate about networking, and I am passionate about teaching. You know the saying “give a man a fish, and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime”? I’d like to think I am teaching people to fish–by opening the door to a career that is HIGHLY sought after, and pays great–both locally in the San Jose/San Francisco bay area, domestically and internationally.

I have attended many corporate boot camps, such as Global Knowledge and Unitek. They all share the same problems. You know what they charge!? $3500-$4500! That’s outrageous! The courses are 5x10hr days, Mon-Fri. What they don’t tell you — Friday is ice-cream day, used only for review and testing. So now we are looking at 40 possible hours of instruction. Minus long lunch breaks, 34hrs, hourly coffee/smoke/bathroom breaks, 30hrs. 30hrs! Secondly, they slam 25-30 people in a classroom. How personal can that be? We all complain about it in public school systems, why not in private school systems? You know what happens when 30 people are learning technically challenging material? 30 different questions! 30 different problems with lab material, waiting time. Waiting on the slowest learner! What is this, ‘no child left behind’? NO!

As an individual, small business owner, you can rest assured that when I say you get 24 hours of quality instruction–you get it, and all the attention you deserve. I keep my classes small, 5-7 students. I have personally designed the most efficient, lowest overhead method of getting you certified. Is this going to be easy? NO! This isn’t flipping burgers is it? I provide study tips and testing strategies and insight on how to best interpret overly complicated technical questions. I have designed custom built exam-style scenarios for you to practice on. And of course–I provide REAL Cisco routers and switches to work with.

Here is my  Resume.