I’m Back!

Wow – its been a while!  Sorry about the delay guys, I’ve had to take 2017 off and purge myself of some toxic relationships.

As you can see, the site has gone through a revision!   I’m still working on new material for classes in 2018, stay tuned!

Hey all! Class was fantastic, the space was perfect BUT – (and dont tell her I said this, lol) the girlfriend doesn’t like me conducting class in our space… (yes yes, I know).  I’ll be looking for another classroom but logistics will be very difficult.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’m back at it! New living/teaching HQ is set up and ready to go!  The bay area is really expensive and limited on space! Jeezus H!  Next boot camp – April 23/24th, see you then!

Ok all – I know there are many students looking for the boot camp, however due to logistical issues (lease is over, moving in with the girlfriend until we get a bigger place) I will have to postpone courses until April 2016.  Keep emailing me for updates and I’ll add you to my mailing list.

Quick update: July 25/26th course was sold out and had 3 passes.  Final classes of the year scheduled for August 29th/30th and October 3rd/4th.

Rainy and gray outside = perfect weekend for teaching!  Next class set for June 13/14th and registration is already full – this tells me I need to forecast dates for the rest of 2015 so I can allow students to plan ahead! CCNA CCNP CCDP CCIE Route Switch Wireless Security Data Center Design

I’ve recently started a new job! Salesforce was good but I ran out of challenge on the technical side and the politics got to me.  I’ll be working with FusionStorm as a pre-sales “Solutions Architect”.  I’m looking foward to the challenge of having a customer facing role.

Next class dates finalized for May 9th/10th!

What a busy…..winter!?  While it feels like spring here in San Francisco, I’ve been reminded by my business trips to NYC and Indianapolis that COLD weather still exists. BRRRR!!! My next course will warm us up on March 28/29th.