Looks like summer is just getting started, my July course is booked solid already.  If you’re interested in some training, lets fit you in for September!

Great job guys! Go forth and calculate binary! Cisco training Santa Clara Sunnyvale Bay Area

Due to an extremely busy month for me, personally and on the job, I am having to push this next class back to June 7th weekend.    Also, to help automate things a bit, I’ve updated the contact page with my class calendar for 2014, check it out and see which dates work for you.

Some new additions to 2DayCCNA – I’ve created a google group, so students can keep networking with myself and each other – even after the course is over.  Us nerds have to stick together!

Awesome class! These guys picked up all the material SO quickly!!  I have reworked my curriculum for a smoother flow and I think its working perfectly.  This weekend was a real pleasure guys, thanks for attending and good luck studying!

Reminder: Classes have maximum 7 student capacity – please get your payments in promptly to guarantee your seat!


January’s boot camp got pushed back due to scheduling conflicts. Next class is scheduled for Feb 8th-9th. 1 Spot available, e-mail me now for more info!

New job is going great! I hope everyone is studying hard through the holidays (jk!) and looking forward to a boot camp in mid-January. Email me now for more info!