I guess having certifications on your resume really does help! I’ve been batting .1000 and accepted an offer I got with Salesforce! I’ll be starding Dec 2nd and have officially put in my notice with Cisco. What does this mean for my class? Nothing! However it seems like a good idea to focus on work and the holidays. Look forward to classes again in the new year!!

After putting in 1500~hrs of study in, I’ve finally passed the CCIE R&S lab exam! It took 4 attempts, and more dedication than anything I’ve ever experienced before. Persistance pays off! CCIE #40890 at your service.

I have decided to look for new work in the Bay area, time to spread my wings!

The weekends session was great! Taking candidates for the next class, aiming for Late Nov/Early Dec. Time to get some holiday nerding on!

New curriculum is finished! Looks like it will be much smoother without having to worry about any wireless 🙂

Next class scheduled – fully booked! 14-15 Sept we will be geeking out big time!

I have decided that rather than cutting close to the 640-822 and 640-816 cut off dates, I will rewrite the curriculum to match the 100-101 and 200-101 requirements. Gonna be lots of work, but should be fun to give this a facelift!

Just received word of another couple new CCNA’s. Good job with the studies, hardwork and dedication guys… this is my reward for what I do. Awesome!

Due to scheduling conflicts with students, the next class will be held on the weekend of Sept. 14-15… cutting it close to testing cut off date, but should be no problem for more advanced students. Still a couple slots left–who wants to get certified?

Class is in session – what an exhausting weekend, but somehow these guys grinded it out! Thanks for attending guys!CCNA bay area CA

New class scheduled! Any students thinking of taking the class? June 29-30 looks like the tentative dates.

I’ve recently made connections to several recruiting firms in the area, now any of my students seeking employment will have a direct plug in to the IT pipeline. Everybody wins!